Telescoping Fiberglass Pole & Sleeve


These are very sturdy and strong telescoping, fiberglass poles from Annin. The workmanship, fit, and finish are very good.

Both flagpole sizes come with a ground sleeve for you to put cement around in the ground. Then the telescoping flagpole goes into the ground sleeve. Also included is a carrying bag for transporting your new telescoping flagpole. They are quick and easy to set-up – once the cement has dried (a few days, depending upon where you live, ground moisture, etc.) around the ground sleeve, you’re probably looking at 30 minutes or less to set-up the flagpole.

These telescoping flagpoles are also easy to move and require no maintenance.

They are easily secured at any desired height and are rated for winds up to 50 mph.

They are finished with a UV inhibitor so the color of the flagpoles should last a long time.